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Watch music videos and recordings from my new solo piano album RISE, including tracks such as Prism, Celestial Gardens and The Alice Machine

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Listen to cinematics, SATB choral music and piano arrangements, including The Simpsons Theme, Totus Tuus and Disney’s Aladdin


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Growing up in Cornwall, a remote and beautiful part of England, was the start of a journey for me. It urged me to look back to our ancient ancestors and the way they lived in harmony with nature, practically and spiritually. Having lived in a variety of contrasting countries and cultures, it’s clear that it’s the nature that binds us to our land, community, culture and values. It is the most universal connection shared between all people, yet also one of the most neglected. The world is in the grasp of the largest socio-technological revolution in our history, and the machine of modernity has changed our society and distanced us from nature in a way that is leaving people feeling, confused, alienated and depressed. Humanity and the environment can’t keep up, and why should they? As a result, wilderness, culture and meaningful values are lost. My international perspective has helped me to try to write music that helps people reconnect with nature and reflect upon our values as human beings. How are we to continue living on this planet: as a part of nature, or apart from it?

The new solo piano album by Guy Shepherd 

. . . emotive and elevating, hauntingly beautiful, powerfully refined and memorably melodic, the album is a critically reflective narrative of our times. It aims to transcend the 24/7 noise and routine of the modern world machine and reconnect people with a sense of natural wonderment at our Earthly surrounds and the responsibility we have towards it . . .

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